Is Story-Telling just a Fad?

11 11 2013

Story Telling a Fad!

          I had learned in my Homiletics class in Bible College to do an Inductive Study of a Bible Story or a passage of Scripture and then to find three points from the story to preach/teach what I felt the Holy Spirit would have me share with the people for their edification.

          But now I am learning to do the Inductive Bible Study, so that I could tell the story accurately and with all the details and trust the Holy Spirit, who knows the hearts and innermost lives of the hearer to make the story personally come alive in their lives.

          This was at first a scary thought.  What if the person does not interpret the scripture properly?  I would have to take a back seat to the Holy Spirit.  I would have no chance to display my vast knowledge and my education.  Could I trust the Holy Spirit to do a good job?  And what are my responsibilities?

          Bible Orality has proved to be, not a fad, but what God has been preparing for us to use this modern age of technology, to reach the 70% of the people, who cannot or will not read, and wish to receive their daily information in Oral/Visual methods or in “sound bites”.

          I am finding that in an era of Information and Technology, where people are over loaded with knowledge, the best method to use is in engaging people in story-telling. Here are two resources that you will find helpful:




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