The Prodigal Who? Are we being too harsh and critical?

20 11 2013

The Prodigal Who?

Luke 15: 11-32 – – gives us the story of what we call “The Story of the Prodigal Son”.  But would it be better to identify it as “The Prodigal Family”?

We see three flawed characters.

1. A father who has not disciplined his younger son, to learn between good and bad.  He was strict with his older son and taught him to be disciplined and responsible. Then when the younger son came around he was lenient and let down his guard on the rules and regulations.  Could this be a reflection of other stories in Genesis of Isaac with Esau and Jacob and then Jacob with his son Joseph

2. A younger son who is self willed and vagrant. He seems liked a pampered and spoiled brat, who has had his father give into his every whim and fancy, and his every request has been granted. Did he throw a temper tantrum, if he did not get his way?

3. An older brother who is hard working and legalistic and totally self centered. He was responsible and had a good work ethic and served his father and family well.  But he was not happy with the way his father treated his younger brother.  Was his Dad playing favorites?  What about his rights?

Do we not fall into each of these areas in our life at different times in our relationships with different people? Which one are we TODAY?




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