Jesus Lives in My House!

7 04 2014

This morning I was reading how a famous evangelist came to know Jesus!  He grew up in a Preacher’s home and he heard his parents talk about Jesus all the time. Also, he saw his parents would pause many times maybe in the kitchen or in the hallway of their home and have a “conversation with Jesus” about a person who was sick or in need in their parish, their neighborhood or in their family!  it was just second nature for them!

So he grew up even as a young child thinking that Jesus lived in ‘his house’!  The truth is Jesus did live in his house and wants to live in my house and have dinner with me (Rev 3:20 says ” … I will come in and have dinner with you …”) and He wants to walk with you and be with you all the time.  See Hebrews 13: 5 , Matthew 28: 20, Joshua 1:5 all say the same thing!

What would happen if I really, really believed this and acted like ‘Jesus lived in MY House and with me all the time’!



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