Having A God Given Dream!

10 10 2014

A Story from the Bible that can be applied to everyone, and that should be at the heart of everyone, is the story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis, chapters 37-50. It will take only a few minutes to read, but it will and can change your life if you realize what God is trying to say in this passage! Please take the time to read the whole story in your Bible!

A brief summary of the story. Joseph is 17 years old and is his father Jacob’s favorite son. He is given a coat of many colors as a present. His 11 brothers are jealous and angry with him. To add to this, Joseph tells them that he has had some dreams, where in one all his brothers are bowing to him. The second dream, Joseph’s parents and brothers are all bowing to him. Which makes his brothers even more angry!

Sometime soon after, his brothers get the opportunity to get their revenge, and so the brothers take away his beautiful coat, and sells him off to some merchants, who will sell him as a servant to some rich person, to work in their home.

He is working as a slave, but given a lot of power and authority by his master to run his whole household. But Joseph is falsely accused by his master’s wife and is thrown into an Egyptian prison. Rather than his dream been fulfilled he is having the reverse effect. Now he is a prisoner. But God is with him ALL this time.

Soon he is promoted to be second in command of the empire of Egypt. His interpretation of the dream of the Pharoah comes true. Seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine! So what happens? The brothers come to Egypt looking for food, as they hear that there is food available in Egypt.

They don’t recognize Joseph their young brother, is the one they meet in charge of the food supply, when they bow down before him. In the course of events, Joseph reveals who he is, and forgives them and finally the whole family is reunited!

It takes 22 years for the dream that he had to be fulfilled. But Joseph hung on to the dream, knowing that, “God had a plan and a purpose for good …” (Jeremiah 29:11) for his life.

This is God’s desire for your life too! Ask him for His plan and purpose for you and then don’t give up in believing that God will bring it to pass!
God gave Joseph a dream that was big and hard to believe. This made him unpopular in his family, but Joseph believed God and clung on to his God given dream.
a. What is a God given dream that you are nurturing in your heart and life?
b. If you don’t have a dream, would you ask God to give you a dream, a vision a plan for your life? He has promised to do this for you in Jeremiah 29:11.



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