Hmm, that is very good! Thank You Very Much!

26 11 2014

25th Anniversary 001The buzz word is “Turducken”! With Thanksgiving just a few days away, people are finding that they are not satisfied with stuffing themselves with Turkey, and are now into a Turkey stuffed with a Duck stuffed with a Chicken – Turducken!

What is the new recipe that you are trying out this holiday season? Many of us will try our hands out at some new recipe, or some older one and when the creation of that delicacy is done … we will say, “Hmm, that was very good! Thank You Very Much!”

Thanksgiving emanates whenever something good happens! It is our natural reaction to something good!

Jesus was walking towards Jerusalem when he entered a border town of Galilee and Samaria, and in the distance was a group of ten lepers, who hollered to Jesus, “Jesus, Master have mercy on us!” Seems like they knew that Jesus was a teacher, a Rabbi, and were they asking for a handout – some money, or food? Or, did they believe that Jesus could heal them, because they had heard of all the miracles that Jesus was doing and wanted that same healing for themselves too?

It almost seems that this is what is happening! Jesus sees them … not just another look, another glance, a cursory spotting of a person … Jesus saw them, recognized that they were in need of help, a healing touch and Jesus empathized with them and said, “Go show yourselves to the priests!”

That is a loaded statement! You don’t just go into the village when you have been identified as a leper, to go see the priest. You were declared unclean! You better be sure that you were really healed, because you had received a lifetime sentence.

But something happened in this interaction. They recognized who Jesus was. They recognized that Jesus was able to heal them. Jesus had healed many diseases and they believed that for Jesus, “nothing was impossible”! They could be healed from their leprosy.

So when Jesus spoke, they believed that those words had the authority to heal them. They believed Jesus! If Jesus said it, they believed it was true! So they started to walk to where the priest was … maybe the village synagogue, or were they headed to Jerusalem to the temple?

But, one of them as they started to walk realized he was healed and turned around and came back to Jesus, praising God in a loud voice! I like that! When something good happens, our excitement does not allow us to use our “inside voices”! Yes, we want to shout and scream and holler! I know I have two granddaughters who are elementary age!!

This one leper came back to Jesus, praising God in a loud voice! He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him!

Hmm Jesus, this is good! Thank You, Thank You! Now I can get back to my village, I can go to my wife and children! I can go back to my job! Because you healed and restored me, I can go back to being “normal”!

And he was a Samaritan! We have to presume that this statement and Jesus’ comments … ‘except this foreigner’ … would suggest that he was the only foreigner in this group of ten lepers, and he was the most thankful! Thankful that he was included … that he could receive this blessing of total restoration! Normal! WOW!

Hmm, this is Good, Thank You Very Much!

I had a wild idea, when I thought of this! Could it be true that this is how God felt when he creating, and He saw what he created on each day … the first day, the second day and so on … and He said, “Hmmm, this is very good, Thank You Very Much!”

And then he created mankind, yes that means me, yes me … as I see in Psalms 139: 13-18 and He says, “Hmmm this is Very Good, Thank You Very Much!” As Mahalia Jackson said many times, “God He ain’t create no junk!”

I am so thankful today to God for who He is and that He loved me and chose me (John 15: 12-17) I trust that you are too!

He loved YOU and chose YOU … and so YOU ARE SPECIAL, as God says, “Hmmm, YOU are Very Good! Thank You Very Much!”