Running on Empty!

7 02 2016


Just a few days ago, I came across a Blog post that resonated with me!  Having lived and served in Sri Lanka for many years it brought back many memories of similar experiences in our travels!

But it also resonated on another level, as I thought how the price of gas in the USA has gone to below $1.50 a gallon, but are we doing this here?  Ofcourse the danger was not in the physical level but in the Spiritual level.  Are we so busy in our lives that we are ‘running on fumes’?

A shout out to “@NomadStacey” and her Blog Post!  Take a few minutes to read this!

Gas Tank

Blessings on you Stacey, as you serve HIM in the hard places of the KINGDOM!



2 responses

7 02 2016
Wayne Hodge

As a physician I have been to Romania several times with a team that has held medical clinics and helped to build a soup kitchen and support a small church. I can easily envision the illustration of the taxi drivers. I know all about running on empty! Thanks for sharing this very important thought that indeed in our country resonates on another level.that demonstrates the spiritual poverty here.

11 02 2016

Wayne, thanks for all you do to extend His Kingdom! I am thinking of the “Ripple Effect” of our actions!

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