A Tapestry of Love!

29 07 2016

Tapestry of Love

This is a unique quilt with a unique theme and it was made by my Daughter-in-Law, Jennie for our grand-daughter, Samantha.  The quilt was made with many of Samantha’s shirts, pajamas and other memorabilia from her life.  Samantha is nine years old.

As I saw this my thoughts triggered on how, God is making each of us in our own lives, a “Tapestry of Love”.  The Master Creator making a Masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) in us in 2016. Wow!  Amazing!

So, I travel through the years gone by, another year is done, and I am starting a new one and I realize that this is also another year of counting the miraculous blessings of God in my life and ministry.  It was 50 years ago that I graduated from Union Biblical Seminary in India and started out in ministry.  And I think, “… this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes …” (Psalm 118: 23).

I am reminded of the author of Hebrews in Chapter 11: 32 says, “…And what more shall I say?  I do not have time to tell about …”!  God has been so good to me, like a woven tapestry, the quilt depicting 73 years of life and 50 years of ministry, and I have to say, “Only God”!  To Him be all the glory!

Just to mention a couple of awesome things, and I just mention these to encourage you to think with gratitude, “what tapestry of love is God weaving of your life.  The first, is my devotions that I do with the YouVersion.com Bible and its devotions.  Through these I have built a small community of fellow believers who are my “devotion buddies”!  We comment and encourage each other to “continue in God’s Word and in the fellowship of believers”.  What to me is most incredible is that, we are an online group, some I have never met in person, but all bound by our love for Jesus!  A physician from Kentucky, a young man of Sri Lankan background in Australia, a young mother living in China, an army wife, a youth minister in California, Missionary Story Teller Trainer …! Plus a few others!

Then my home church Eagle Brook Church – Spring Lake Park, the connections and the beautiful workings of God into my life, to make that tapestry.  God patiently working one beautiful piece after another, using different threads, different stitches, a hot iron to smooth some edges out … many hours, many days but painstakingly becoming a “masterpiece”, because He “does not make no junk” as Mahalia Jackson so eloquently expressed.

God is not done with us as yet, and He is doing a great work in our lives, and it is marvelous in our sight!