Heaven: Place where BFFs (Best Friends Forever) live

9 01 2017

Leadership Training of Youth at Lakshman’s Tea Plantation in Dyraba in 1984

“Grandpa, don’t you know?  That’s my BFF!” said my seven year old grandson one day in his incredulous tone.  How could I have missed such an obvious fact?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to think about, “BFFs”.  Do guys even have BFFs, let alone BFs?   That is a different story!  But I heard of the home going of my friend, Lakshman Perera, and some thoughts ran through my mind.

I don’t even remember the time I first met him, even though it was sometime when I was in my early 40’s when my wife and I and our two sons, were serving as missionaries in Sri Lanka.  But since then it seems like his family and ours were like close friends, who had known each other forever.

Lakshman and Sunil had the ability to make people feel welcome in their home, in their church and wherever, with great ease.  Their love for the Lord Jesus and their desire to make Him known and introduced to everyone they knew was contagious.  Many are the stories, and the incidents that flashed through my mind.

The hours going into the night of looking at a particular passage of scripture, or discussing a situation related to the church were numerous.  Lakshman’s passion for people was evidenced in his desire to plant a church in every place that he was employed in.  He was a manager of tea plantations, and he would be assigned to different places, and yet where ever he was, this was his burning desire.

He started a small church plant on this one tea plantation, where he invited me to come and train some young leaders to be the core of the church, and to train them to be “disciple makers”.  He would also arrange for me to lead Bible studies in the homes of his friends, who managed other tea plantations, so that these managers would come into a personal knowledge of Jesus, and also so that they also would catch the vision of starting a church in their own plantations.

Great is the reward that Lakshman (and Sunil) will be presented with as he is with Jesus, enjoying the presence of the Lord that he loved.

But I digress a little, or do I?  Because, Jesus was Lakshman’s Best Friend.   Jesus had another friend in whose home, Jesus spent time with whenever he was in town.  His name was Lazarus!

But one day, Jesus got a message from Lazarus’ two sisters, Mary and Martha, that Lazarus was very sick, to the point of death.  Would Jesus please come?  But Jesus delayed till four days after his friend had passed, and he arrives at their home.  (The details are in John chapter 11, well worth the time reading this amazing story)

Jesus comes and we see the emotions of Jesus, very Man and very God, as he confronts the death of his “Best Friend”.  Walk through that passage very slowly and capture the details … Wow!  What a story, and then we see the friends restored in fellowship again.

But we know the story does not end here, even though we do not know the details.  Jesus dies and is resurrected and he goes to heaven, and he leaves the words he spoke to Mary and Martha … and Lazarus … “I am the Resurrection and the Life” … for us all to believe in and to have HOPE in, when we face death.  Yes, if we believe in Jesus, we will be “Best Friends Forever”, because He promised us Eternal Life!

This is the Hope that we can have, and this is the challenge that faces us, which drove my friend, Lakshman to desire to see all his friends be ‘best friends forever’!  Do we desire that for our friends, that they believe in Christ Jesus, and would be our BFFs because they will live forever, through their faith in Jesus?



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