The Caravan Chronicle

2 04 2017

(Read Joshua chapters 1:9 , 2: 1-24 and Matthew 1: 5,6)

Pearl in the Sand: A Novel by [Afshar, Tessa]Joshua sends two spies into Jericho, just like Moses had sent twelve including Joshua and Caleb!  They are to spy out the land that “God had given to them”!  (1:9)

They enter the brothel that Rahab (see “Ten Women of The Bible” by Max Lucado) was running, so that they could get the town gossip, and Rahab fills them in on what the people in Jericho were feeling and thinking!  They were scared spitless because of the Israelites who’s God was working on their behalf.

Rahab said that they had heard, through the grapevine, the reporting in the Caravan Chronicle, that God had parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross over on dry ground, and how they had defeated the kings on the way, and now they were camped outside Jericho, causing fear in the hearts of the citizens of this city!

Rahab had believed what she heard and placed her trust in God, evidenced by the fact that she was willing to help the two spies!

Her faith is rewarded, and her life is spared, and she later gets married to Salmon, the Israelite … what a story that is (Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar), and they have a son … Boaz (Matthew 1:5-6), who marries Ruth (see the Book of Ruth), whose great grandson was King David, and is the lineage of Jesus!

How do we fill in the blanks of this story!  WOW!

What impressed me, was in the reading of the story of Ruth, and seeing what a “gentleman”, Boaz is, that Rahab, instilled some real godly characters into her son!  So what is the story of Rahab!

What is the GRACE of God, and what is the hilariousness of His provisions for us, who live in the 21st century and are His chosen for “such a time as this?

How would YOU fill in the blanks?



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