Jesus said, “Mary” … “Rabboni” …!

19 07 2018

Jesus and Mary at the empty tombJesus was on the cross, giving his life for his friends and for you and for me!  He was having the “worst day of His life”!  I am sure that He was grateful that His friends were there to be part of the ‘worst day of his life’!  Isn’t that what friends are for?

And now we find ourselves on the “best day of Jesus’ life”!  It is the third day, and Jesus has risen from the dead!  It is His best day!  He wants His friends to be there to celebrate with Him.  And at the tomb, the women had been there, and they had gone and got Peter and John to see the Empty Tomb!  They are puzzled and are gone back to town, but Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ friends who was at the cross, is also at the tomb, and lingers, as she expresses her grief and tries to make sense of the Empty Tomb!

This is when friends meet!  From the ‘worst day of their lives’ to the ‘best day of their lives’, when friends are supposed to stick together …!  In grief and through the blurring tears, Mary thinking that the person talking to her was the gardener, expresses her dilemma.  Then Jesus says, “Mary”!  Just one word … HER NAME!  The most powerful word in communication … Your Name!

Jesus said in John’s Gospel chapter 10: 3, “The gatekeeper opens the door for the shepherd, and he goes in through it.  The shepherd calls his own sheep by name and he leads them out.”  (The sheep know His voice).  Jesus calls us each by our name!  He knows us, and He wants us to follow him.

In the busyness of our lives today, and in all of the distractions, Jesus wants us to listen to his voice! So many other pictures come into our minds, many children playing outside and yet a mother will recognize their son or daughters cry in a moment of distress!  And the children will recognize when a mother says, “Time for supper, come on in!”  Not all the kids will run in the house!

How about a couple at a busy party, and yet each spouse is aware of where the other is and every nuance of a look or the tender words of compliments!  We know and hear our friends voices!

Are you listening to Jesus, calling you by name as He wants to share ‘your best day in your life’ or the ‘worst day in your life’, or even the mediocre days in your life.  He is whispering your name TODAY!