What is True Fasting?

25 03 2019

true fasting20190312_08392840 (3)


I wonder if we have missed something.  We like to do our “acts of religious service” and other religious forms of worship, etc, but are we really doing what God would like us to do?  We attend church and go through the motions of worship.  We fast on occasion.  But the question is, “Are we really doing what God is wanting us to do?” Are we like the Pharisees that Jesus was confronted with their behavior of religious piety?

Another question is asked about why God perhaps is not answering your prayers? We ask but don’t get an answer.  We feel ourselves empty and alone.

Here could be the answer you are looking for.  Read Isaiah 58:4-11 in the Living Bible.

I think this gives the answer.

I am going to try and do better!



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