Let Me Tell You A Story!


 The Parable of the Young Bible School Student


I am going to tell you a story about Pueblo, a young Hispanic man in the rural mountains of Mexico.  Someone came to his home and shared the Gospel message with him just after the birth of his second child. He could read and write but seldom did those activities.

After he was saved and baptized, he sat in one of the wooden benches at church wearing his ordinary pants and tee shirt, but always took off his big sombrero when entering the building. He sat next to many other mountain folks who were dressed just like him. All of them held their sombreros on their laps. Each Sunday, Pueblo listened to the preacher intently, admired his clothes, and had a desire to mature in Christ.

 Pastor Juan was educated in a training school run by the Americans. He was dressed very nicely, not like the mountain folks. Pueblo wondered why the Pastor wore his western clothes, but figured it was part of his training at the school he had gone to. One day the Pastor asked Pueblo to fill the pulpit while he was gone. Pueblo responded, “I am sorry, I have not been to seminary.  Also, I have no dress clothes.“That is okay,” said the Pastor. “You will do fine”

 Pueblo struggled his way preaching through a text, but kept coming up with many stories and analogies from work, from the garden, and from the social life in town.  His outline was practically incoherent. When he preached, he did the best he could.  He was full of energy. The people laughed and understood the simple text of his message. Upon leaving the church, the people really encouraged him.  It was a great first sermon. Pueblo was so encouraged that he enrolled in the local Seminary. He took courses and got a nice new shirt.

 Not long after, Pastor was again out of town and asked Pueblo to preach. His sermon was much clearer. He could understand the text so much better. Upon leaving the church that day, the people remarked on how they admired his nice shirt. This encouraged Pueblo and he again enrolled at the Seminary. Pueblo studied hard and eventually dressed just like Pastor.

 Upon graduation, the Pastor asked him to preach a weeklong series.  He put on his nice clothes and shined his shoes. Night after night, he preached his heart out.  Night after night, the people remarked about his shoes and clothes. Even the Pastor was proud of him.

 However, deep down in Pueblo’s heart, he knew people no longer talked about his sermons.  He wished he could take off his coat, put back on his simple pants and tee shirt, and wear his sombrero. He began to pray and ask God about all this. He received back a clear word.  He looked in the scriptures and found that Jesus was not ashamed of his simple clothes and stories.

 The next night, the last night of the meetings, he showed up at the church in his village pants and tee shirt. The people were shocked.  So was the Pastor. Some criticized the young preacher, but mostly no one said a word.

Pueblo preached with all his might that night, telling story after story. The people were moved from tears to laughter to repentance. The altar was full, but that was not the most shocking thing.

At the invitation, in a moment never seen at the Mountain Church, Pueblo fell to his knees at the altar weeping and weeping before the Lord. He placed his nice clothes and shoes at the altar, crying out to God for mercy for having taken off his mountains clothes and ways. People gathered around Pueblo, praying and thanking God for the great Revival that day. Pueblo began preaching in all the mountain villages and many people came to know Jesus. But better than that, a great river of joy flowed from Pueblo’s heart because he knew he was preaching like the Master. Pueblo told stories the people could understand.

                                        This is the end of the story.

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