Here we will be adding different resources that we find helpful, as well as motivating for pastors, lay leaders, Bible School students and any one else who is interested in fulfilling the call of God to:  “Go into ALL the world and ‘communicate’ (preach/teach) the Gospel …”!  If you come across any helpful material, we will be glad to hear from you, so that we can pass the word along to others.

1. Here is a Manual that Linda and I have used in our training leaders in Sri Lanka.  It is a very simple manual, with transferable concepts and we would love for you to use it where ever you wish to.  If we can improve it in any way, please let us know that, so we can make the changes.

The link: Manual – Telling God’s Story

2. We saw the need to make provisions for more helps of study materials and story sets for pastors in areas that did not have the resources available to them.  So we have produced a sequel to our manual, which provides more resources.

The Link:  Manual – Telling God’s Story 2

 Other Bible Orality Resources

The website for International Orality Network.  This is the main page with must see resources.  It has resources for all who are involved in and/or thinking of being involved in Orality Bible Storying.  Helps to understand the academic and practical aspects of Bible Orality.


The website for Simply The Story with resources to assist in learning and sharing “The Story”.  Also information on the 80-minute video, God’s Story: From Creation To Eternity, presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, this panorama of the Scriptures highlights God’s plan to rescue fallen mankind. 300 languages completed.

These OneStory story sets are a group of Bible stories developed primarily for those who learn and communicate through oral means and who often have little or no access to Scripture in their language. When told in sequence, these stories allow the listener to not only hear the Word of God but be able to understand the particular biblical truth which is being presented through that combination of stories. The goal is to present a redemptive panorama developed to best interact with each particular worldview and socio-cultural setting.

Scriptures In Use (SIU) exists to provide church planters in-country training opportunities to reach the unreached in oral cultures! Our Training is known as Bridges (which is for men) and Bridges for Women.

We guide and mentor each church planter to develop a grassroots church planting ministry through Bible storytelling, dialog and other traditional oral communication methods, because an astonishing 2.5 billion of the world’s unreached people belong to oral cultures where traditional communication forms are preferred to reading and writing.

Gospel for the Forgotten – Unreached people groups largely have no access to God’s Word, and even if they did, they couldn’t read it. Story Bibles™ give unreached people groups the gospel in a form they can understand.

When people hear the stories, they often become followers of Jesus. The stories spread and churches are planted. Listen to a sample story set.

Watch the video and explore this site to learn more about unreached people groups, orality, storytelling and church planting.

story4all is based in Ireland and is part of a growing network of believers throughout the world who are committed to bringing the Story of God to all peoples … orally. On our Links page you can visit various ministries who are doing a sterling work discipling oral learners, training full-time workers or providing wonderful resources. This page will be constantly updated as we hear of more working in this field.

There is a brief (110 second) video clip, below, which will give you a quick visual summary of what story4all is all about and what it exists to do.

Incredibly 80% of the world, cannot or does not prefer to learn from reading.

STS … The equalizer that equips non-literate learners to join the world of literate learners.
Finding treasures in the Bible—Leading others to discovery through discussion … STS

Our passion is to provide you with resources that help you communicate God’s truth to those who learn best by oral means. A key website with many diverse resources.

Flannelgraph for a New Generation –     Created for the next generation of Bible storytellers … the By Design Visual Series is available in traditional flannelgraph story sets and digital flannelgraph format. This is not your grandma’s flannelgraph!

A website that has stories from the Bible which can be adapted for all ages and all occasions!

A Must visit site for any person interested in Bible Story Telling from John Walsh, a master story teller!  Specially read the “About” section! focuses on the following purposes:

  • To develop and provide practical books and other helps to those who seek to proclaim the Message of Christ through Bible Storying
  • To equip people and groups to become involved in the ministries of Bible Storying
  • To provide on-going training for persons and groups who are engaged in the ministries of Bible Storying
  • To maintain a body of basic resources for those who practice Bible Storying

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